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5 Benefits of Integral Breath Therapy

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5 Benefits of Integral Breath Therapy (With a Psychotherapist)

Integral Breath Therapy is one of the many techniques used by psychotherapists to assist patients in self-healing. The technique utilizes specific breathing patterns to produce a self-generated, altered state of consciousness. This conscious state can be used much like hypnosis, with the client directing the process. Much like hypnotherapy, the altered state of consciousness created through integral breathing can help a person experience deep physical relaxation, emotional release, psychological understanding, and/or expanded spiritual experiences. Integral Breath Therapy is built on the principle that there is a direct connection between the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual well-being and the openness of breath. Below, we will further discuss 5 benefits of integral breath therapy with a psychotherapist. 

Benefit #1: Reduces Stress and Releases Negative Emotions

Throughout our lives we store emotions in our mind and body. When we do not deal with emotions right away, they get transformed into muscle tension or looming issues in our subconscious brain. The same goes for feelings of stress. By learning to breathe in an uninhibited way (breath work helps that), it is believed those stored negative emotions can be released from the body and mind. Ultimately, breath work can help us to relax and give us an alternative method to dealing with tough emotions. 

Benefit #2: Physical Health

Participating in Integral Breath Therapy naturally brings more awareness to breathing in everyday life. In training yourself to take slower, deeper breaths you could help reduce your blood pressure. In fact, most blood circulation takes place in the bottom third of the lungs. Without those long, deep breaths it is harder for oxygen to effectively circulate into the blood. Integral breath therapy could, therefore, have long-term health benefits. 

Benefit #3: Healing the Split Between Unconscious and Conscious Mind 

Breathing has been believed to unite the mind, body, and spirit. It acts as a meeting ground between the conscious and unconscious mind. In other words, you can take a breath consciously, yet you can turn your attention elsewhere and the breathing will continue subconsciously. Integral Breath Therapy works to heal the split between the conscious and unconscious mind, thus allowing for deeper psychological understanding and/or expanded spiritual experiences. 

Benefit #4: Enhanced Focus

A 2018 study by Trinity College Dublin concluded that breathing in a regulated manner can balance the amount of noradrenaline in the body. Noradrenaline is a natural chemical messenger that affects attention and ultimately enhances focus. Enhancing focus undoubtedly has benefits outside of therapy. However, being able to focus on uncovering stored emotions and depicting our personal psyche’s during an Integral Breath Therapy session, without distraction from reactionary mental blocks, is hugely beneficial for the self-healing process. 

Benefit #5: Spiritual Connection

As mentioned previously, Integral Breath Therapy is built on the principle that, among other things, our spiritual well-being is connected to the openness of breath. By creating a practice that utilizes specific breathing techniques, bringing awareness and openness to breath can also open the body to experiencing something spiritual.

Why You Need a Trained Psychotherapist to Guide You

The patterns used in Integral Breath Therapy are specific and must be followed closely to create the self-generated, altered state of consciousness. A psychotherapist trained in Integral Breath Therapy will be able to better guide you to this state. A psychotherapist can also help prompt your brain, once in this altered state, to start pulling up those buried emotional experiences and actively work towards self-healing. Guidance from a trained professional can fundamentally change the effectiveness of breath therapy. Chriselda Santos, a licensed psychotherapist and certified life coach, has helped numerous patients take hold of their lives again. By focusing on each individual’s strengths and capabilities, she creates personalized therapy plans to stimulate growth, healing, and hope. If you have more questions about her work with alternative therapeutic techniques, such as Integral Breath Therapy, visit her website here