When you are dealing with depression, it is quite common for people around you to treat the condition lightly or disregard it completely.

Psychotherapy Treatment - San Antonio

While depression is usually taken for sadness, it is not quite so. In fact, sadness is only a part of depression while there is so much more to it. When it comes to treating depression effectively, you can reach out to a professional depression counselor for psychotherapy in San Antonio.

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What is Psychotherapy Treatment for Depression?

Psychotherapy treatment for depression –also referred to as “talking therapy” is a way of influencing the depressed state of mind to live positively. When you commit to psychotherapy from a professional depression counselor in San Antonio, they will help you change the way you think and improve your coping skills. In addition to supporting your recovery, psychotherapy can also help you to stay positive by identifying & changing unhealthy behavior and thoughts.

There are different types of psychological treatments for depression along with the different delivery options. Know all about the psychotherapy treatments for depression from the professional depression counselors in San Antonio.

CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy is structured psychotherapy or psychological treatment for depression. This therapy aims at recognizing the way in which we think (referred to as cognition) and react to the same (referred to as behavior) and how both cognition and behavior affect the way in which we feel. CBT is regarded as one of the most effective treatments for depression. Moreover, CBT has also been found effective for people of all age groups including small children, teens, adults, and older people.

The process of Cognitive Behavior Therapy involves identifying thought and behavior patterns that might be making you feel depressed or preventing you from feeling positive and hopeful in your everyday life.

CBT aims at working towards changing the thoughts and behaviors by allowing you to think rationally about some of the common difficulties in life. It also helps you in shifting unhelpful or negative thoughts as well as reactions to give place for a more realistic, positive, and problem-solving approach. CBT is regarded to be a well-suited depression therapy to be delivered through the Internet medium –referred to as “e-therapies.”

IPT – Interpersonal Therapy

IPT or Interpersonal Therapy is another treatment for depression that is aimed at focusing on problems in personal relationships. IPT is focused on the primary idea that problems associated with relationships can have a major effect on the individuals who are dealing with depression. In some cases, such problems might even contribute to the cause of depression in an individual.

IPT helps an individual in recognizing the varying patterns in the respective relationship that might make you highly vulnerable to depression. When you identify such patterns, it implies that you can focus entirely on improving the relationships, dealing with periods of grief, and coming across new ways to start all over again.

Behavior Therapy

In contrast to CBT, behavioral therapy does not aim at changing the attitudes or beliefs. Rather, it is focused on encouraging activities that are considered pleasant, rewarding, and satisfying in order to reverse the patterns of negative behavior due to depression.