Ask not what your relationship can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your relationship…

Couple Counseling Therapy in San Antonio

Couples therapy is a way for two people to put in extra effort to make a relationship work and change for the better.

The good news is that it’s worth it. Couples who are barely hanging onto their relationship can come to couples therapy to learn how to manage their expectations and begin a new and joyful life together.

The question you need to ask yourself is, can and will you make the effort and do the work to bring life back into your relationship?

I explain to couples that if both partners are involved and engaged in the process of creating positive relational change, they will see progress. I approach working with couples from a perspective of: rebuilding communication skills leading into healthy conflict resolution, defining and rebuilding an emotional connection, working on relational friendship, and improving intimacy and affection.

It will take time to work through each phase of the rebuilding process, as it took time to create negative experiences and behaviors. However, it’s possible that therapy will help you grow as a couple and improve your relationship.

I am gentle and respectful throughout the process, but I see my role as a couples therapist to nudge individuals toward emotional and relational health. This requires both partners to be open to therapy together in order to progress towards a healthy resolution.

For all Texas residents, I offer online and in-person couples counseling in San Antonio. Contact me to get started.

Approaching couples therapy with a humble heart is a great start.

A person with a humble heart approaches therapy with an attitude of “What I can I do to change?” rather than pointing a finger at their partner. Just as it takes two people to create chaos in relationship, it also takes both individuals to recover in a relationship.

If you’re looking for individual therapy before you commit to couples therapy, I am open to meeting with you one on one in the beginning. It’s best to come in as two willing individuals to work on your relationship, when you’re both ready.

Ready to commit? Send me a message to get started with couples counseling in San Antonio or online.

The Services That Help Families to Blossom

If you are facing family issues that you would like to discuss in therapy, we am here for you. The counselors in San Antonio can help you process, overcome, and recover from your family dynamic.

We believe that with your inner strength to reach out for therapy and tackle your issues, you can overcome anything!

We are here to help you reach your ‘happiness’ and ‘hopefulness’ potential in life.

The Customized Approach that You can Expect

We understand that each one of our clients is different, so our approach is different for each one of them. We study your case and customize our family counseling in such a manner that it suits your specific requirements.

Our services will help you achieve your family and couples therapy goals. Share your problems with us with an open mind and see how our therapy for relationship issues paves the way to a better and happier life.