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4 Signs You’re in a Healthy Sexual Relationship

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Sexual intimacy in a relationship can help bring a couple closer together, but can also have the potential to become unhealthy and abusive. Are you wondering if you have a healthy sexual relationship? Four signs that can signify a healthy sexual relationship include emotional vulnerability, well-balanced sexuality, respecting boundaries, and trust. Read below to learn more.

You can be Emotionally Vulnerable

Sharing your emotions and communicating openly with your partner is a huge step in building sexual intimacy in a relationship. Whether you want to convey your likes and dislikes when it comes to physical intimacy, or you want to talk things through about another aspect of your relationship, having an open line of communication always available is essential. Remember, your partner can’t read your mind. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you like, dislike, or how you’re feeling. Vulnerability is about acknowledging your difficult emotions. Being emotionally vulnerable with your partner can help build both trust and intimacy. If you are open with your partner, your partner will trust you more. Nick Wignall puts it simply: “Few things will supercharge a relationship faster than emotional vulnerability.”

You Have Trust in Your Partner

Going off of the first point, trust is one of the main pillars in a successful relationship. Trust issues can lead to jealousy, paranoia, and more. Working to build trust in a relationship helps you to be more open and giving in your relationship. Building trust starts by being vulnerable and is also about communicating and respecting boundaries. As you can see, many of these signs fall hand in hand with one another.

Your Sexuality is Well-Balanced

Understanding your sexuality and being able to communicate that to your partner is another sign that you’re in a healthy sexual relationship. Begin Again Institute says that “Developing healthy sexuality means that you can communicate your desires, boundaries, and needs with an emotionally intimate partner and integrate that emotional intimacy with your physical intimacy.” In addition, you should be able to feel that “sexual expression with your partner is well-balanced and appropriately frequent based on you and your partner’s needs.” Communicating where you stand on this is essential in creating a healthy environment for both you and your partner.

You Develop and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

You’ve probably heard this already, but here it is again because of its importance! You need to set and communicate boundaries in your relationship. Your boundaries are all about how you want to be treated, what you will accept, and what you will not. They set a foundation for trust, help you generate safety in your relationship, and allow you to feel respected, valued, and appreciated. To learn more about the importance of boundaries, check out THIS article.

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