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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

            In recent years there have been many studies debunking the human’s ability to multitask. It has been shown that while our minds cannot focus on multiple things at once, we can quickly switch our focus between multiple tasks. The process of hypnosis is built upon these facts. By intently directing our focus to one thing, we, by default, are less focused on other distractions. Thus, hypnosis patients are guided into a heightened state of concentration which is then utilized to open their mind to new suggestions without distraction. Hypnotherapy technique is used to work through and break habitual reactions that ultimately harm a person’s well-being. It is not a treatment in and of itself, but has successfully benefited those struggling with anxiety when added to their treatment routine. Let us explore why people are trying hypnotherapy for their anxiety and how it helps relieve anxiety symptoms.

Combatting Anticipatory Anxiety

            People who suffer from anxiety often suffer from anticipatory anxiety. Once someone has a negative experience resulting in anxiety, they can become worried this experience will happen again. The anticipation of a negative, anxiety-inducing experience repeating itself ultimately causes anticipatory anxiety. In essence, your subconscious mind is telling you that you will become anxious and then, you become anxious. Hypnotherapy works to break this subconscious pattern by replacing it with a positive subconscious reaction. In order to do this, a trained psychotherapist guides you to focus on an anxiety-inducing experience and then, instead of narrowing in on the negatives of that experience, reframes your mind to focus on the positive. This will not happen immediately; it will take patience and dedication to your own self-healing. However, in theory, hypnotherapy can help train the brain to resist falling into the same negative, anxiety inducing patterns for more long-term relief from anticipatory anxiety.

Finding the Root Cause of Your Anxiety

            Furthermore, hypnotherapy has helped patients better understand the root cause of their anxiety. Through guided questions, a hypnotherapist is able to help you identify what exactly is causing your anxious reactions. In better understanding your personal anxiety triggers, it becomes easier to find effective solutions to reduce your anxiety.

Learning to Relax the Mind

Additionally, one of the most valuable aspects of hypnotherapy is learning the skill of relaxing the mind. Understanding how to relax your mind, and having specific relaxation techniques to turn to, can help calm yourself down wherever you are when you start to experience building feelings of anxiety. Knowing you can be in control of the state of your mind has helped anxiety patients build confidence and self-belief while also reducing feelings of fear or intense worry.

What to Look For In a Hypnotherapist

            If hypnotherapy interests you, it is important to find a therapist trained in the art of hypnosis to get the best results. Remember, hypnotherapy works best in addition to other treatment techniques. It has been proven to be particularly effective for those struggling with anxiety, as well as these other conditions. Chriselda Santos, a licensed psychotherapist with a certification in life coaching, is dedicated to helping patients develop an effective personalized treatment plan. She understands each patient and their struggles are unique, working passionately to find new ways to reframe their thinking and help them better cope. Hypnotherapy is just one of the many tools she utilizes. To learn more about hypnotherapy, or about Chriselda’s services visit her website. For questions, you can also reach Chriselda at 210-549-6663 or email at [email protected]