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The Importance of Relationship Health in Times of Stress

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The Importance of Relationship Health in Times of Stress

A healthy lifestyle can do amazing things for your state of mind, and a healthy love life is a major part of that equation. A number of studies have found that people in healthy marriages live longer and have fewer health problems than those who are unhappily married or not in a relationship. What’s more, people who are happily married have shown to not only benefit from stress relief, but also reportedly suffer less often from depression. Thus, it is crucial to your physical health to consider the importance of relationship health in times of stress, more so than ever. In healthy relationships, love can keep your heart happy and your mind and body healthy, as it offers a form of natural stress relief by simply not leaving you to shoulder every burden completely on your own. Life presents many challenges and stressors, and you need someone there to offer support through difficult times. During especially challenging times like these, it’s no surprise that relationships tend to suffer, and adjustments can be necessary. To stay healthy as a couple, consider some simple relationship advice to keep the romance alive, and to participate in healthy stress management.

Soothe Your Partner. A loving, present partner has proven to be a powerful stimulant and can help to soothe the fears and threats that come during difficult times. Studies have shown that your limbic system, which is activated by threat and fear, can be remedied simply by the comfort provided by a healthy marriage or relationship. Successful couples are able to realize when their own stress is setting each other off, and instead of fighting fire with fire, consider using water. Cooling off has a good effect on both members of a relationship, and when you are in close proximity, it can greatly influence the level of calmness. The next time you or your partner are getting stressed, take some deep breaths to try to help you both relax.

Focus on Basic Needs. Couples often take their own frustrations out on each other, especially in times of high stress like these. Such frustrations can be quickly diffused by a dialogue that emphasizes accessibility, responsiveness, and engagement. Stay open to each other even when scared, tune in to each other’s body language and emotions, and focus on the other’s needs and respect them. When you take a step back to calm down and hear each other with empathy, you will find the stress can be easily alleviated.

Use Soothing Speech. When people hear soothing speech, it activates sections of the inner ear and increases tone in cranial nerves that slow down reactivity, sending a message to the brain that all is well. Professor Steven Porges has studied this phenomenon and says that couples who use reassuring, gentle expressions and intonation connect directly to each other’s nervous systems. This provides a balm to frayed nerves and adds healing to the words. This allows us, to provide critical emotional care to those we love most. When trying to offer help to your partner in a calm tone, regardless of words, your soothing efforts will work to heal you both.

Consult a Professional. Repairing your rocky relationship can be pivotal in stress management and improving your health, but getting started can be tough. If you’re in need of relationship advice, and want to benefit from all that love has to offer, consider Life Balance Therapy as your helping hand. Life Balance offers a compassionate experience for your therapy services, helping you achieve your family and couple’s therapy goals. Share your problems with us with an open mind and see how our therapy for relationship issues paves the way to a better and happier life, building on healthier connections and improving your perspective. Schedule a consultation today.