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April is Couple Appreciation Month

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April is Couple Appreciation Month

Let’s face it, relationships aren’t always good. Relationships can be hard, frustrating, tiring, maybe even boring at times. Thus, it can be easy to take your partner for granted. However, oftentimes the hardships in relationships do not overshadow the comfort, love, and happiness between two people. That is why it is extremely important to intentionally celebrate the good parts of your relationship. Bring your focus back to why you are in a relationship with your significant other in the first place. Luckily, April is Couple Appreciation Month, a perfect time to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate your relationship! 

National Couple Appreciation Month was founded to encourage couples to indulge in showing their love, desire, respect, and appreciation for one another. The hope is that couples use the month of April to intentionally spend time together and reconnect. Moreover, National Couple Appreciation Month acts as a reminder for couples to continue to show their love and appreciation throughout the entire year. Below, we will give you some ideas for celebrating Couple Appreciation Month with your partner this April. We will also talk about the importance of sparking reconnection and passion within your relationship, as well as, how therapy can strengthen your connection with your partner. 

Celebrate Your Relationship

When looking for ways to celebrate your relationship, you do not have to come up with some grand, romantic gesture. In fact, the little actions that you can maintain throughout your relationship may be even more meaningful. Here is a list of a few little actions you can incorporate into your relationship: 

  1. Pay attention to the small moments. Perhaps you always hug each other before bed, or one of you makes coffee for you both in the morning. No matter what the small moments are, just take a minute to acknowledge and savor them. 
  2. Schedule some date nights. Once you have been in a relationship for a while, the exciting date nights can fade. Make spending some uninterrupted time with your partner a priority again! Having special nights together can help maintain intimacy, connection, and fun in your relationship. 
  3. Try something new together. Trying a new activity together can help you and your partner bond on a deeper level. It also offers you a chance to practice your problem-solving skills by putting you both outside of your comfort zone. Furthermore, trying new things together helps you build lasting memories that you can fondly remember. 
  4. Remind yourself why you are grateful for your partner. Then, don’t be afraid to share the reasons with your partner. Reminding your partner why you love and care for them is important because it makes them feel supported and appreciated. Ultimately, sharing reasons why you love each other will bring you closer together. 
  5. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift. Again, this does not have to be anything over the top. Something as simple as a bouquet of flowers, a heartfelt note, or their favorite candy can be enough to assure your partner you are thinking about them. 
  6. Ask your partner how you can make them feel special and appreciated. You may think directly asking your partner takes away all the excitement. While this may be true, it ensures that your partner’s needs are heard and met with enthusiasm. Really listen to what your partner has to say, then incorporate ways of making them feel appreciated into your life often. Additionally, share what you need from your partner in return. 

The Importance of Intentionally Reconnecting

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our significant other that we forget to actively work on connecting with them. Our modern-day busy, hectic lives can also get in the way of emotionally reconnecting with the ones we love. The risk of forgetting to let our partners know how much we appreciate them is even greater when we feel burdened, overwhelmed, or stressed. That’s why reminders like National Couple Appreciation Month are great! 

Before it is too late, use this April to start continuously and intentionally setting aside time to reconnect with your partner. If you do not, it is likely your relationship and personal wellbeing could suffer. When we feel emotionally disconnected from our partner, our sense of security may feel threatened, causing panic to set in. Ultimately, without the relief of reconnection, your brain can be put in a hyper aroused emotional state with elevated levels of cortisol. High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. If you feel that you and your partner have strayed too far from your emotional connection, don’t lose hope. Seeking guidance from a therapist could provide you with the skills to find your way back.

Couples Therapy Can Strengthen Your Connection

Couples therapy provides an amazing opportunity for two people to better understand each other and grow together. While many couples see therapy as a last resort to save their relationship, truly any couple can benefit from couples therapy. Chriselda Santos, licensed psychotherapist and certified life coach, believes in providing a compassionate, respectful, and safe space for couples to explore the depths of their relationship. She specializes in helping couples rebuild communication, emotional connection, relational friendship, and improving intimacy and affection. With Chriselda’s guidance and dedicated effort to make a relationship work, you and your partner can change your relationship for the better. Perhaps during this year’s National Couple Appreciation Month, you and your partner can foster healthy relationship growth through therapy. For more information about couples therapy, or to book an appointment, visit Chriselda’s website